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services for ADULTS
focus areas
  • speech sounds disorders, i.e., difficulty pronouncing sounds

    • dysarthria

    • apraxia of speech

  • language disorders, i.e., difficulty understanding and using words and ideas

    • aphasia

    • right hemisphere disorder

  • cognitive-communication disorders, i.e. difficulty with thinking skills, e.g. perception, memory, reasoning and judgement, secondary to acquired (vs. developmental) conditions

    • ​mild cognitive impairment (MCI)
    • dementia


​- related to stroke, brain injury or progressive neurological condition

such as Parkinson's disease or dementia

  • dysphagia (feeding/swallowing) treatment

    • please note that current assessment results are required

  • oromyofunctional (OMD) disorders, i.e., abnormal movements of muscles of the face and mouth, impacting correct speech, swallowing, and nasal breathing

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